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Welcome to Skyloft Academy!

Academy Codex

We are a group for Knights in training, set around the world of Skyward Sword.

Please make sure to read all the journals before joining~! It's very important that BEFORE you hit join, you MUST have a character sheet, please!

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletblue: How to Join :bulletblue: The Story :bulletblue: Islands :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Character Listing :bulletblue: Rooming Chart :bulletblue: NPC Listing :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Quests :bulletblue: Currency :bulletblue: Bazaar(OPEN) :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Leveling Up/Gratitude Crystals :bulletblue: Mission Requests and Great Fairy Blessings :bulletblue:
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Wing Ceremony by Paper-Plate
This is the final part of the Wing Ceremony

Deadline Extended until 2nd April!! That's 4 extra days ~
FAQ updated : see bottom of blog

▲DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES - 30th March 2nd April  ▲
Reward - 1 Gratitude Crystal & Rupees

The fighting in Skyloft continued as the trainee knights were pushed, fell or jumped into the clouds below. Ripping through the dense wet clouds were unnatural tornadoes, whipping the clouds into storms and dragging the falling students into their grasp. 

Ripped from each others arms the students are scattered across the surface, Landing among sand, trees or rocks.  

Map by Paper-Plate

You have landed with other students and are aware there is a dungeon ahead, indicated by the foreboding signs and large statues. It is written in the old books about these structures and their importance so if you were paying attention in class you will know strait away.  The Surrounding area is filled with ancient art and scripture.  You must enter the Dungeon, alone or with allies, and defeat it's protector to be released. Each Boss drops a Gem - Hang onto it, you will need it. 

Stones by Paper-Plate


The tornadoes have somehow managed to send you directly to the dungeon's entrance with other students. Below is the group you have landed with. 
Groups have been made using currently active students.
If your name is not on the list PM us and we will assign you to a group. 

Lanayru Desert

Your boss is Hatahata
It's weak spot is the the time shift stones on the body which will reveal it's heart when activated. Hatahata will hide beneath the dunes and lure in creatures with the fairies attached to it's antennae. Hatahata travels by swimming under the sand, only it's upper fins visible. It's body is exposed when it jumps out the sand to attack. 
It drops the Wisdom Ring (yellow Gem)
Boss by Paper-Plate

The members of this group are

Ellie (LaudyLau)- Green Knight 
Asieem (ochibrochi) - Green Knight 
Kayne (Moonlitpetal) - Green Knight
Ko (gelgep) - Green Knight 
Ryn (hyperionwitch) - Green Knight
Jayden (flame-alchemist2002) - Grey Knight

Phray (Minophish
Seto (sketcher-taku
Karin (thelaundrymatt
Roona (AkI-cHanx3)
Harper (Pandora-box55
Momo (celenegood
Nerine (KT9000111
Shu (AmpharosFluff
Lana (MidnightDash2137
Keuaenu (Avlentin
Kiftan (amberdragonling
Xanadre (Kitsunefireball)
Aroma (DarkEcoRomantica)

Faron Woods

Your boss is Drhoma
Her weak spot is her eye, but she will always close it when approached. To allow for a hit, a bright light or flash will stun her. She spins webs to capture her prey. All the teeth on her body are incredibly sharp, as well as the points of her legs. She likes to hide in dark corners. She may look sentient, but she cannot speak, The only sounds she can make are hisses.
It drops the Courage Emerald (Green Gem)
Forestboss by LaudyLau

The members of this group are

Runi (TehCapn) - Grey Knight 
Sloan (llAJll) - Green Knight 
Krane  (Manga-Lover-4-Ever) - Green Knight 
Mushi (M3xD) - Green Knight 
Kavu (C-Airen) - Green Knight

Camille (MarVogue
Avi (StarsMoonWolf-Lover
A'laa (YowithRenoYo
Veron (DaShortQuiet1
Kit (Valcristsan
Petra (SuzuPop
Sofia (Nadia116
Rahkali (Paper-Plate
Marrylin (hyperionwitch
Faruin (SiVioSanei)
Amda (JustACommonMistake)

Eldin Volcano

Your boss is Armobeamos
An ancient suit of armor possessed by a small fire spirit, it has long lost its legs but can still defend itself with powerful arms and laser beams that burn and smolder.  Its weak spots are the eyes on its face and chest.  It will protect these vulnerabilities with its arms, so it would be wise to damage the pieces that make up its limbs so that it can't protect itself.  The fire spirit will try to reconstruct its parts, but the chains that hold it together can be damaged too.
It drops the Power Ruby (Red Gem)

fireboss-FIN by LaudyLau

The members of this group are

Talfryn (Paper-Plate) - Grey Knight 
Ella (PineapplesHaveFeet) -Green Knight
Ria (Yuki-Hime13) - Green Knight
Ginuvi (Keilythefox) - Green Knight
Osama (AngePillowcat) - Green Knight

Yuki (tilloppy
Acelo (esaytioh)
Raven (AnimeGang
Bee (Imp-Artist1842)
Seraphine (Zyea
Kimberley (TurkFish
Kokono (LifeofMusic500)
Caveri (Mage-Kaxin
Eila (Bunny-Hana
Renny (stargazer-eyes)
Kroix (SukiTits)
Rhou (Kyakins)

Here's what we know:

-You are to defeat your boss as a team or on your own and collect it's gem. 
-You do not know where the rest of the academy is or what the gem is for.
-The dungeon is already solved. It is the boss that you need to defeat else you cannot leave the dungeon.
-Your loftwings are not available to you. 

We have set up some prompts for you all. You are not limited to these and may do anything you wish story wise as long as they stay within the rules of the club and the event.

- Are you at the forefront of battle or hanging back to assist with casualties?
- Are you listening to the more experienced knights or going against their advice?
- If you are hanging back, how are you helping?
- Are you working with your teammates or have you decided to try to go it alone?
- How did you work out the creatures weak spots? Luck or deduction?
- Are you too afraid and hiding? If so, why?

And finally, the rules and requirements for the event are as follows:

-Use what you have in your inventory! If your student is not at least a level 1 knight, they should not have a sword!
-All completed entries must be submitted to The Missions Folder
-You must depict your student taking part somehow.
-Remember that if you are wounded you are still on the surface with no idea how to get home yet.
-You may work with anyone in your group. Just remember collaborations will earn you each half the rupees!
-You can do this mission as writing, a comic, a single image, or multiple images.
-If you choose to write you must have at least 750 words or more.
-Art will not count as a comic unless it is at least 3 panels long.
-You may submit as many entries as you wish. It might up your rupee count but your Gratitude Crystal rewards will not change.
- You cannot change or swap the group you are in
- If your name is not on the list PM us and we will assign you to a group.


-Standard rupee counts apply.
- This portion of the event is worth 1 Gratitude Crystal. Gratitude Crystals for the event will be updated when the event is over.
-This marks the end of the Wing Ceremony arc of events and you will be able to level up. 

If there are any questions or concerns, you can note us, leave a comment on the journal, or try to catch us in the chatroom!


People have asked some good questions in regards to this mission, I shall place them here so everyone can see the answers.

Q: If we decide to do it alone will there still be other students around even if we are not working with them?
A: Yup,  Even if you decide to not co-ordinate with other group members and do your own entry. Or you decide not to collaborate with the other people in your group the other students will still be around (as specified in the journal you landed with the other students.) You do not have to reference them directly but be aware that it will be implied that they are in the dungeon somewhere

Q:Should I contact those I wish to draw my entry with?
A: If they are going to form a large part of your entry it is encouraged to co-ordinate the entry with them to make sure they are ok with how you represent their student. Otherwise you can put other students into your art it is assumed they are all there.

Q: How big are the bosses?
At least 3 people high.  Think about how huge most Zelda bosses are! they will be massive.

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