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Welcome to Skyloft Academy!

Academy Codex

We are a group for Knights in training, set around the world of Skyward Sword.

Please make sure to read all the journals before joining~! It's very important that BEFORE you hit join, you MUST have a character sheet, please!

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletblue: How to Join :bulletblue: The Story :bulletblue: Islands :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Character Listing :bulletblue: Rooming Chart :bulletblue: NPC Listing :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Quests :bulletblue: Currency :bulletblue: Bazaar(OPEN) :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Leveling Up/Gratitude Crystals :bulletblue: Mission Requests and Great Fairy Blessings :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Main Chatroom :bulletblue: RP Chatroom :bulletblue:
This event follows on from Welcome to the Wing Ceremony - Part II

▲DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES  - May 18th  May 24th ▲

Reward - 1 Gratitude Crystal & Rupees

After defeating the Giant Monster you leave the dungeon. Clutching the gem, not sure what this is. Finding yourself now stranded on the surface, there is no way to get back to Skyloft without any loftwings, no magic winds, and no long long ladders.

Looking into the sky at the dark shadows of the islands above you see something. Shadows begin to scatter across the sky, leaking from the grey clouds that surrounded Skyloft. More monsters? Your friends ready themselves as the shadows descend towards you. As they get closer you realise that they are your loftwings!

Riding your trusty steed back up the island you find it covered in rouge monsters and hot ash. Then you see her, the Headmistress, tied to a post in the centre of the Academy Square. She is weak and unable to stand, wounded from a long and arduous battle, one she seems to have lost.

The Darknut is standing beside her, laughing. He is too strong to defeat by normal means! You need the assistance of a higher power.

Looking down, the gem you clutch begins to glow.

Here's what we know:
Each of the magical gems has now activated and you are able to use the power of the gem you collected from the dungeon.

For those who defeated Hatata in Lanayru desert:
The Wisdom Ring gives you the power of Lanayru's Love. When cast you are encompassed by an impenetrable shield. It will block all incoming attacks for a few seconds, giving you valuable time to recover. For each use however, you will weaken, most people can only cast it 3 times before falling unconscious.

For those who defeated Dhroma in Faron woods.
The Courage Emerald gives you the power of Faron's Wind  . When cast you summon a platoon of Cuccoos to aid you. They will swarm and attack any enemies that stand in your way. You can only summon up to 20 of these feathered soldiers.

For those who defeated Armobeamos in Eldin Volcano
The Power Ruby gives you the power of Eldin's Fire . When cast a burst wave of fire is released from your feet. This will set alight anything and anyone within a 20 foot radius of you. This can be used and infinite amount of times but it will set everything on fire. This includes your allies and buildings.

Using your new found power you must release Skyloft from it's captures and defeat the Darknut. The Headmistress however, with her weak voice, has commanded you only to capture him and not kill him.



We have set up some prompts for you all. You are not limited to these and may do anything you wish story wise as long as they stay within the rules of the club and the event.

- Help to defeat the Darknut.
- Help the hostages who are trapped in their homes and cages.
- Free the captured knights so they can help.
- Defeat the remaining monsters.
- Rescue the headmistress.
- Aid your allies.

And finally, the rules and requirements for the event are as follows:

-Use what you have in your inventory! If your student is not at least a level 1 knight, they should not have a sword!
-All completed entries must be submitted to The Missions Folder  
-You must depict your student taking part somehow.
-You may work with anyone in your group. Just remember collaborations will earn you each half the rupees!
-You can do this mission as writing, a comic, a single image, or multiple images.
-If you choose to write you must have at least 750 words or more.
-Art will not count as a comic unless it is at least 3 panels long.

-You may submit as many entries as you wish. It might up your rupee count but your Gratitude Crystal rewards will not change.

- !! You cannot change or swap the power you have. you can only use the power from the group you were in in the last mission.

- !! If you were NOT in the last mission, you have NO power. You have to help the old fashioned way.


-Standard rupee counts apply.
- This portion of the event is worth 1 Gratitude Crystal. Gratitude Crystals for the event will be updated when the event is over.
-This marks the end of the Wing Ceremony arc of events and you will be able to level up.

If there are any questions or concerns, you can note us, leave a comment on the journal, or try to catch us in the chatroom!


People have asked some good questions in regards to this mission, I shall place them here so everyone can see the answers.

Q:Should I contact those I wish to draw my entry with?
A: If they are going to form a large part of your entry it is encouraged to co-ordinate the entry with them to make sure they are ok with how you represent their student. Otherwise you can put other students into your art it is assumed they are all there.
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders


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