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Welcome to Skyloft Academy!

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Costume by Paper-Plate
Culture Costume Competition

▲DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES -  September 12th ▲

Reward - 50 rupees per submission

Welcome to the first Culture Festival Event, Held over at the Skyloft Lake.

First Place - 1 Gratitude Crystal + 1 Item*
Second Place - 1 Item*
*randomly selected by the mods. 
To celebrate the vibrant and bustling life within Skyloft you have been tasked with creating a Skyloft themed outfit!
Think of your favourite Skyloft things and put it all into one outfit.

Be as creative as you want and use all the inspiration you have to make something spectacular. 

The winner will be chosen by Student vote!

So what do you do?

Design an outfit that is inspired by Skyloft and Skyloft academy. This can be as obvious as dressing like a loftwing or as subtle as wearing something fashionable. 
Make sure to explain in your picture or comments what inspired the design.

Focus on Originality and Individuality. You can submit your entry as a picture, description or craft! 

Once finished, submit it to the Culture Festival Folder, and on the 12th September voting will open for 3 days.  
You can cast your vote by sending a note to the group with the name of the character.

Make sure to label your picture as "COSTUME ENTRY" so that we know!

Happy Costuming and Good Luck!

>> Current Entries <<

More Journal Entries


For event prizes, what kinds of things would you guys like to have? 

38 deviants said Extra Rupees or Gratitude Crystals!
24 deviants said A chance to win a second character for free!
13 deviants said Bazaar items!
6 deviants said Things that haven't made an appearance in the club yet! (please comment)


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Glaceonrocks Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015   Digital Artist
Ahhh... It's been so long since I've done something for this group and I want to come back but I feel so behind everything and I was always such a mediocre roleplayer/artist ; 3 ; I feel I'm just gonna leave things incomplete like before ; ~ ; ;;;
Paper-Plate Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
awww don't feel like that! you can come back whenever you want ~ Your art is not medicore at all!
TurkFish Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Student Filmographer
On my DS I made a mii for Kimberly (my character here) and I made him into a sword fighter on the new smash bros game and I just thought I would share with my lovely friends here how much of a looser I am /o\
Paper-Plate Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh that's so cool! I never even considered trying that! You should send us a picture of him!
TurkFish Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Student Filmographer
I actually ended up returning the game, because I love smash bros-- but I just could not get used to it on the 3DS screen. I might try and get it again for the WiiU though, and get Kimberly back. Because I really liked fighting with him aha /o\
Paper-Plate Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, some of the levels were really hard to play on because it was so small ~~
roxie449 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
yay i got in~ //jumps on to chat 
Fern-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
sorry for the lack of activness from me <3  ill be kicking it up a notch to ear rupees and such soon!
Paper-Plate Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That's no problems! We look forward to it ~
JustACommonMistake Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Question: with knight students, does the weapon they get have to be a sword?
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