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Welcome to Skyloft Academy!

Academy Codex

We are a group for Knights in training, set around the world of Skyward Sword. Please make sure to read all the journals before joining~! It's very important that BEFORE you hit join, you MUST have a character sheet, please!

:bulletblue: Rules :bulletblue: FAQ :bulletblue: How to Join :bulletblue: The Story :bulletblue: Islands :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Character Listing :bulletblue: Rooming Chart :bulletblue: NPC Listing :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Quests :bulletblue: Currency :bulletblue: Bazaar(OPEN) :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Leveling Up/Gratitude Crystals :bulletblue: Mission Requests and Great Fairy Blessings :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Main Chatroom :bulletblue: RP Chatroom :bulletblue:
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Welcome one and all the the annual Skyloft Knight Academy Wing Ceremony!

 photo event4-1_zps64b7bd7e.png

Headmistress Taepora: -Standing on a stage with the other Instructors- "Lately we have had many students earn the required amount of Gratitude Crystals to earn their higher ranks as knights. But I'm sure a lot of you are wondering: What about the Wing Ceremony?

As time goes on, traditions change. And since there are so many students, it's hard for us to simply use it is a tool to decide who will be the one to rank up this semester. So instead, the Wing Ceremony has become a celebration of those who have ranked up, with a race at the end for everyone who has earned a colored tunic! You have the chance to earn honor, friendship, probably someone to go steady with, and this stunning trophy~

And now, without further ado-"

 photo event4-2_zps156bd6aa.png

???: "Hello, children of the sky. So sorry to disturb your precious ceremony."

Headmsitress Taepora: "Who's there?!" -Headmistress Taepora jumps away from the stranger to join the other Instructors on the stage-

???: "I have come to relieve you all of your control of the skies. Every single one of you are to report to the surface and begin your lives anew without your precious loftwings and knight


Headmistress Taepora: "And if we don't?"

 photo event4-3_zps9501f880.png

???: "Then I will use excessive force!"

Headmistress Taepora: "Instructors- Unfortunately it looks like the surface will be the safest place for the students right now. Get them to safety, and then we will face our foe!"



A Stranger has attacked Skyloft! He intends to force everyone to the surface and take over the sky islands by any means necessary. Headmistress Taepora and the other Instructors have decided that the safest place for the students right now is on the surface!

Here's what we know:

-The stranger is a Darknut named Dougal. Reference:
-He has brought an array of monsters, including Stalfos, Lizalfos, Moblins, and the ever-annoying Bokoblin.
-Your loftwings are not available to you. They have been captured or are being prevented from entering Skyloft's airspace by Hroks.

We have set up some prompts for you all. You are not limited to these and may do anything you wish story wise as long as they stay within the rules of the club and the event.

-Did you jump from the island on your own, or were you too stubborn to go?
-If you jumped willingly, did you jump with someone or by yourself?
-If someone pushed you off, who was it? A friend, a family member, and Instructor, or a monster?
-On your way to leave the island, did you engage any monsters? Did you defeat them? Take them down with you? Or did you jump to escape them?
-Were any of your friend in loved ones in a fight? If so did you ignore them to save your skin or did you jump in and help?
-Most of the loftwings were captured, but there were probably some of you who were flying around. Were you on your loftwing when it was captured? If so, depict how that struggle went down.

And finally, the rules and requirements for the event are as follows:

-You must depict your student leaving the island somehow.
-Do NOT try to engage the Darknut, he is currently occupied with the Headmistress.
-Please don't end with your student landing on the surface just yet. All entires should end with the student leaving the island!
-Signups are not required and if you want to work with a partner, you may work with anyone you wish! Just remember collaborations will earn you each half the rupees!
-You can do this mission as writing, a comic, a single image, or multiple images.
-If you choose to write you must have at least 750 words or more.
-Art will not count as a comic unless it is at least 3 panels long.
-You may submit as many entries as you wish. It might up your rupee count but your Gratitude Crystal rewards will not change.
:bulletred:-All entries are due by November 1st!:bulletred:


-Standard rupee counts apply.
-Since this is going to be a multi-part event, Gratitude Crystals will not be given in large amounts. This portion of the event is worth 1 Gratitude Crystal.

If there are any questions or concerns, you can note us, leave a comment on the journal, or try to catch us in the chatroom!
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