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Mission 8 : The Great Fairy's Test

Sat Apr 23, 2016, 2:04 AM by LaudyLau:iconlaudylau:
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Update - Rewards will be updated soon! Sorry for the delay. 

(Update! Due to time constraints concerning spring break, Easter, midterms, and all that good stuff, we will be extending the event by two weeks (until April 14th) to give us more time to go over submissions and wrap things up. So if you haven't finished yet, you now have ample time!)

As you walk into the cave, you hear the sound of running water. The Headmistress said that you’d be meeting with the Great Fairy today, but you find it hard to believe you’d meet her in such a dark place. Just as you think that this was some kind of prank, you see a soft light ahead, and hear an unearthly laugh.

Approaching the fountain, you see a woman floating in the center. She smiles and glides toward you, and that’s when you realize just how large she is compared to the sky people. “I've been waiting for you,” she says, moving behind you and giving you a gentle nudge toward the fountain. She continues to speak as she guides you into the center of the water, moving to sit atop one of the pillars as she looks down at you. “The sky appreciates your time in effort in it’s protection, however I must ask…. What motivated you to become a knight?” The soft light around you begins to dim until it’s completely dark save for the the one sconce with a flickering fire in front of you. It casts your shadow behind you, and the Great Fairy keeps speaking even though you can’t see her. “Was it power? Was it the promise of popularity? Perhaps you just like to swing weapons around, perhaps you just like to hurt things.” Her voice seems different, accusatory, and you tell her your answer but she doesn't seem satisfied. “I'm going to test your ability against someone of equal strength to you. They are just as equipped as you… and when this fight is over I expect you to answer my question again.”

You turn to face your foe, but all you see is your shadow. Watching as it mutates, the shadow peels itself off the ground, taking on a fully human form, but everything about it is dark. It takes you a moment to realize that you know this person standing in front of you now.

It’s you.


The Great Fairy has insisted on a test. She’s pleased to see the amount of knights the academy is producing lately, but she feels that there may be some among them who might abuse the skills and powers bestowed upon them. While the headmistress trusts you all with her life and the lives of the islands, the Great Fairy wouldn’t take no for an answer.

For this mission, you will be facing your shadow self. They are just as skilled as you, and have any weapon that you have in their arsenal. Your shadow self has the ability to speak, and will do and say anything to break you down mentally or emotionally during the fight. They are your shadow, after all. They know everything there is to know about you.

While the Great Fairy is using this as a test, this is also a great opportunity to hone some of your skills. It’ll be a tough fight, and you’ll have to think outside of the box to defeat yourself.

The Great Fairy uses magic to change the way the cave looks. You are in a place that your character fears or rather dislikes while this battle takes place.


You may use any media to depict this event (comics, writing, illustration), and what goes into the story is completely up to you. However, please make sure to include:

-Your first answer to the Great Fairy’s question.
-Your face off with your shadow self. It doesn't have to end in a fight, however the shadows are pretty volatile so the odds are high that your weapon will be drawn.
-Your updated answer to the Fairy’s question after the fight. It may stay the same or it may be different. It’s up to you.

This event is all about character development, so give us a little insight to your student or knight!

Due date: April 14th
-One Gratitude Crystal
-Appropriate amount of rupees for your submission type
-A random Great Fairy reward

Everyone have fun and good luck! If you have any questions, please be sure to ask on this journal or note the group!

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For event prizes, what kinds of things would you guys like to have? 

45 deviants said Extra Rupees or Gratitude Crystals!
26 deviants said A chance to win a second character for free!
15 deviants said Bazaar items!
6 deviants said Things that haven't made an appearance in the club yet! (please comment)


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